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The Team

Thomas, Guthrie (both Hatfield College), Archie (St. Aidan's College), and Toby (College of St. Hild and St. Bede) all met at Durham University, from where they have recently graduated - Thomas in Chemistry, Guthrie in Environmental Geo-Science, Archie in History, and Toby in Geography. Much like the varied nature of their studies, each member will bring something unique to what will hopefully be an incredibly successful trip.

Left to right: Archie, Toby, Tom, Guthrie


'Lance' is a superb triathlete who has competed at national and university level. He is the most experienced cyclist in the group having taken his bike on numerous tours to the Alps. This experience of long-distance cycling and bicycle mechanics will be vital assets when the going gets tough or our mechanics fail. He is also our chief route-planner which does not bode well considering his high pain threshold.

Thomas Lawson

Guthrie Fenton


Guthrie is not a professed cyclist. He has cited this challenge as a pivotal moment in his life and is as excited as a puppy looking in a mirror. He is currently mid-internship with IMG Sports Management so he will be plying his trade on the spinners of Hong Kong to hone his cycling legs while following his alternate passion of amateur geology. Guthrie will be in charge of our media profile during our trip to keep  everyone as involved and up-to-date with our progress as possible.

Archie Innes


Like Guthrie, Archie has minimal cycling experience. He run the London and Paris Marathons raising £5000 for charity but has hung up his shoes in favour of the touring-bike. Archie's navigational experience is currently limited to the flats of Norfolk therefore the mountains of the Andes will present a significant challenge. Archie has been leading the marketing of the Upping the Andes brand and our fundraising effort. Keeping the team together and on track will be paramount to the success of the trip. 

Toby Mackean


Toby has always been keen for challenge and adventure. Whilst at school he completed three triathlons in three days in three countries raising £3000 for charity, and earlier this summer completed the Marlow Half Iron Man. Drawing upon his geography B.Sc knowledge, he points out ‘there will be some long uphill bits, but that is what the low gears are for’.  Toby is level headed, practical and resourceful and aside from being our survival expert he is leading the way with sourcing essential kit that we will be reliant upon as we face every extreme the continent has to offer.

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