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Route Live Tracking

Our SPOT Satelite Messenger, which is our means of updating position throughout our journey is now working, however due to lack of continuous satelite coverage in the far south please ignore the statistics on the right as they paint a somewhat skewed view of our progress!

Please hang tight, and updates will improve as we make our way north. 

The map + waypoints above give you a rough idea of our planned route. It is quite a long way... 

Episode I: The Patagonian Menace

Ushuaia to Puerto Montt


Episode II: Attack of Central Chile

Puerto Montt to Santiago


Episode III: The Revenge of Bolivia

Santiago to La Paz


Episode IV: Andean Wars

La Paz to Lima

Episode V: The Andes Strike Back

Lima to Quito


Episode VI: The Return of the Andes

Quito to Medellin


Episode VII: The End

Medellin to La Guajira Peninsula

Unfortunately Harrison Ford won't feature on our adventure, however, we think that there will be excitement enough as it is. Our journey begins in Ushuaia, Argentina. The capital of Tierra del Fuego boasts the motto 'end of the world, beginning of everything', so we thought there was no better place to begin our journey to the centre of the earth (the equator). Similarly, as big Game of Thrones fans, apart from the fact that Patagonia is most definitely a land of ice and fire, the idea of running from the winter was particularly appealing.


While we have identified various points of reference along the length of the continent, we will have to be able to adapt our route on the ground when need arises, be it because of bad weather, road quality, border crossings etc...Therefore, this map will be subject to change as we conduct further research.

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